Under God’s empowerment I’m here to challenge people to live their lives in a divine way that will cause them to reach the next level. My charge is to “empower people spiritual, expand them educationally, expose them culturally, enlarge them politically, and enrich them economically,” with a spirit of excellence.

An Author

Many authors write to entertain people and make them laugh. Authors also write to persuade or convince their readers to believe in something. Sometimes authors write to inform or teach you about something.  T. Ray Greer, Jr. writes to do all that and more.  Through the empowerment of the supernatural his publications are designed to take his readers to the next level.  You can expect a great deal of wisdom fused with 21st Century revelation in every letter on the printed page.

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Debt is one of the most stressful situations anyone can face. Dealing with collection agencies or debt collectors is even more unpleasant.There are many things you can do to reduce your debt and stop the daily harassment. It’s important to address your debt and debt collectors directly. Please consider buying this book.

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A Mentor

T. Ray Greer, Jr. was born in an economically depressed urban city to a single teenage mother.  His relationship with his father was estranged and based on his beginnings life would be a disaster waiting to happen.  However, God raised him up through it all.  This have created a heart of generosity.  He loves pouring back into today’s youth.

Generosity of heart is a leadership quality that demonstrates you are not just concerned about what is good for you but how you can make life better for others.   When you look at leadership through the lens of the heart you will see things your mind never envisioned and followers will perform at levels they never imagined. When you discover the joy of serving others you have found the secret to your success.

An Entrepreneur

T. Ray Greer, Jr. is not just a business owner.  He is a pure entrepreneur.  He walks in front and show others the way. He doesn’t stop for nearly as many breaks or gather around and watch others, unless he is learning and comparing.

 He purposely seek out the one lagging behind, find what makes them tick, then challenge them to keep up and to keep time.  T. Ray Greer, Jr. is somewhat like the Marines… first in… last out.

T. Ray Greer, Jr. creates the system while many work in the system.

A Community Activist

Activism is generally associated with some public action designed to raise awareness around an issue usually related to matters of social, political or economic importance. Community can range from a group of individuals within a neighborhood or defined region, to the world community. Community activism thus encompasses actions taken by individuals within a community or group, to bring about change. Often these actions are referred to as “grassroots” actions denoting ordinary people at a local level acting against issues in the community.

T. Ray Greer, Jr. is a true community activist at heart.  His story shows an evolution from working with individuals to working with whole communities. On any given day you will find him focusing on empowerment, social change, and social justice. Parallels are drawn between his life and the social issues of the time he faces. The questions that emerged as his life and career evolves is this: Can my work in ministry and education relate larger social issues? Can I find a setting that will allow me to work to create social change and reduce oppression? How can my spirituality address the actions for social change?



Understanding The Process!


My team revolves around our vision and goals. These beliefs provide us with a unified clear understanding of our purpose as Gatekeepers. It is our charge to shift our region into an atmosphere or excellence in every way possible. A gatekeeper is a person who controls access to something, for example via a city gate. In the late 20th century the term came into metaphorical use, referring to individuals who decide whether a given message will be distributed by a mass medium. We seek to send to the world a completely positive message of hope. I know if we adhere to our vision and meet our goals, we will continue to be successful. If you feel you have a certain quality to help us continue to meet our goals please contact us.