A Community Activist

Activism is generally associated with some public action designed to raise awareness around an issue usually related to matters of social, political or economic importance. Community can range from a group of individuals within a neighborhood or defined region, to the world community. Community activism thus encompasses actions taken by individuals within a community or group, to bring about change. Often these actions are referred to as “grassroots” actions denoting ordinary people at a local level acting against issues in the community.

T. Ray Greer, Jr. is a true community activist at heart.  His story shows an evolution from working with individuals to working with whole communities. On any given day you will find him focusing on empowerment, social change, and social justice. Parallels are drawn between his life and the social issues of the time he faces. The questions that emerged as his life and career evolves is this: Can my work in ministry and education relate larger social issues? Can I find a setting that will allow me to work to create social change and reduce oppression? How can my spirituality address the actions for social change?